The Premier Chaturbate Experience

More than 8,544,073 hours of video of 16,115 Chaturbate performers

1. What do you get with Premium?

A completely ad-free experience.
You can request a certain number of performers to be recorded and added onto our site which aren't there yet.
Every month of Premium gives you 2 requests, and buying more months gives you a multiply of 2, e.g. 3 months give you 6 requests instantly.
Besides an option to request 2 new performers, a month of Premium unlocks 3 new Menu tabs: Premium videos, Favorite models and Favorite videos.
Favorite models tab displays only your favorite performers' recordings and premium shows. Number of performers can be unlimited as long as they are recorded by us.
Favorite videos tab displays your favorite videos on our site. Those videos can be added by clicking a button "Add video to favorites" below every video on our site.
Premium videos tab shows our whole collection of premium videos, including ticket shows, OnlyFans, ManyVids and SnapChat content from your favorite models.
You can also directly download videos from within the video player. There's a button.

2. How do I request new performers?

To request new performers, visit your My account page and fill out a 'Request a performer' form which is at the bottom of your account information section. Once you've requested a performer, we will start recording it thereafter.

3. How often do you add new Premium videos?

They're added every day.

4. My performers aren't being recorded, why?

Could be they're just not streaming right now. If there's an issue with a certain performer, send in a support ticket.

5. I don't need to confirm my email?

Correct, we don't check whether you input a real email or [email protected]. If you're buying an upgrade we only care about the username, and the reasoning behind this is simple: we don't need to know any information about you.

6. How can I pay?

We accept credit cards.

7. How can I filter recent videos, I don't want to see e.g. shemale content?

As a premium member, you can choose what categories you want to watch. So, you can exclude solo, couples, trans and/or gay content from your recent videos list. To do that, head over to the My account page and uncheck the type of content you don't want to see anymore.

8. There are 2 buttons below every video, what do they do?

First button adds that specific video to your Favorite videos tab. The other button adds the model you're watching into your Favorite model collection.

9. I don't understand something, can you help me?

Of course, our email is located on the My account page and is only available after you become a Premium member.